The Antara Foundation’s program donors include well respected institutions with a strategic commitment to address India’s maternal and child health challenges.

Tata Trusts


The Tata Trusts are one of India’s oldest philanthropic organisations, working towards various community development programs across India for more than 100 years. The Trusts support and drive innovation in areas such as natural resources management, education, healthcare and nutrition, rural livelihoods, among others. They have been working in Rajasthan since 2003, covering a cross section of development challenges.

The Antara Foundation has a unique partnership with the Tata Trusts, and the Government of Rajasthan through its Akshada program, launched in March 2015. Akshada aims to significantly improve Rajasthan’s status in maternal and child health, focussing on the critical ‘1000 days’ between conception and age two. The program works to implement relevant interventions in our focus districts of Jhalawar and Baran, and to partner with the government to scale these interventions up state-wide once their value has been demonstrated.

Bajaj Auto Ltd

Bajaj Group in its quest for nation building, has undertaken various philanthropic activities and social work through its corporate and non-corporate entities, besides providing financial support to such causes. Bajaj Auto Ltd plays a prominent role in such activities through its range of community development endeavours. Bajaj Auto Ltd’s CSR areas include education, health, women empowerment, self-reliance, rural development, and environment & natural resources.

Bajaj Auto Ltd supports The Antara Foundation’s Aayushi program in the Dhod block of Sikar district in Rajasthan. Aayushi aims to significantly reduce under-5 child mortality by implementing our model of bringing in innovative, low-cost, scalable innovations to healthcare in partnership with the government system.

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation


The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) is the world’s largest philanthropy that focuses specifically on improving children’s lives. CIFF works with a range of partners to transform the lives of vulnerable children and adolescents in developing countries. The foundation’s areas of work include improving children and adolescents’ health, nutrition, education, deworming and welfare, and smart ways to slow down and stop climate change.

CIFF supports The Antara Foundation through Ayana, a partnership project on child nutrition in Rajasthan. CIFF’s Nutrition Strategy focuses on building saliency and encouraging action for nutrition, namely – changing the narrative around nutrition; increasing financial resources; increasing accountability; and mobilising leaders and champions. The Antara Foundation’s presence in Rajasthan enables us to support CIFF in their initiative towards improving building saliency for nutrition in a sustained manner.