Our Model

The Antara Foundation’s belief, born from experience, is that delivery at scale can be achieved by working on three sets of factors, in almost any public health context. The approach reflects methods that are an extension of business, such as market and consumer analysis (demand), front line data use (supply) and strategic alliances:


This thinking derives from our experience in building Avahan (the India HIV prevention program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) and involvement in various other health delivery situations across India. The solutions to many entrenched health problems in India are frequently known. However, the methods to scale-up the delivery of these solutions in a large and complex country, are often not understood. We believe that delivery programs must entail active partnership with the state government. The idea is to work with and through the public health system, for scale and sustainability. Treating scaled delivery as the missing technology is The Antara Foundation’s ’big bold idea’ wherein state programs become a benchmark for improving health outcomes that can be amplified nationwide.

Our larger mission is to help create a public health system that consistently delivers products and solutions with scale, appropriate speed, and quality, backed by supportive policy and funding.