Akshada: Improving Maternal and Child Health in Rajasthan

Akshada, which means ‘God’s blessings’, is a unique public-private partnership between the Government of Rajasthan, Tata Trusts and The Antara Foundation. The program aims to significantly improve Rajasthan’s status in maternal and child health.

The Antara Foundation’s Akshada program focusses on the critical ‘1000 days’ between conception and age two. It is designed to influence the most critical markers of maternal and child health such as maternal anaemia, neo-natal and infant mortality and immunization.

Akshada is deploying several innovative and path breaking interventions that are designed to be scaled up in partnership with the Government-run public health system. This ensures not only rapid scale-up during the period of the Akshada program but also the sustainability of the program in future. While there is a lot of room for improvement in outcome indicators on Maternal and Child Health for Rajasthan as the charts below indicate, the state is also showing the way forward on reforming healthcare delivery as illustrated by its implementation of several innovative interventions in partnership with The Antara Foundation as well as several other healthcare programs.

Our interventions in the Akshada program target three broad areas. The first set of interventions targets every aspect of healthcare service delivery. Second is a set of interventions targeted directly at the Community to help shape the demand for healthcare services. Finally, the program also has interventions that help build an enabling environment for the overall suite of interventions. The program works to implement all these interventions in our focus districts of Jhalawar and Baran and to partner with the government to scale these interventions up state-wide once their value has been demonstrated.

The graphic below illustrates our current suite of interventions. Read additional detail about each intervention using the navigation links on the right pane of this page.